For most MRI scans no preparation is necessary. You do not need to fast or follow a special diet. The technologist or the radiologist supervising your study may ask further medical questions of you. You will be asked about any metallic implants (artificial joints, skull plates, dentures, metal splinters, etc.).

You will be asked to change into a gown and to remove all metallic objects from your body (keys, jewellery, watches, hairpins, eyeglasses, hearing aids, credit cards, etc.). A locked cabinet will be provided for your valuables.

Patients with pacemakers, neural-sensory devices, or who have had cranial vascular surgery cannot undergo an MR scan. Please inform the technologist if you have ever been exposed to flying metal fragments, either in your work (welding, etc.) or accidentally. If so, it will be necessary to obtain an X-ray of the eye region before beginning the scan.

If you have aneurysm clips, heart valves, stents, please let us know when scheduling. For an Abdomen and Pelvis MRI, please have nothing to eat or drink four hours before the test. If your exam requires a contrast injection, the technologist will explain the procedure to you. You will be required to sign a consent form.