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Calgary clinic offers Western Canada's first open MRI

MYK Imaging, a private-sector clinic in Calgary, has launched Western Canada's first open MRI service. The scanner makes it much easier to image claustrophobic patients, children and people who are obese.


MRI machines: An open and shut case

Last year, Jenny Halls was exercising at the Edmonton YMCA when she collapsed to the floor, suffering a stroke that left her paralyzed. For the neurologist to determine the extent of bleeding and the damage to her brain, a magnetic resonance imaging test was required.

Ms. Halls recovered fully but, as part of her follow-up treatment, she underwent three more MRIs.


Canada's First Open M.R.I. Opens In Calgary

"We're providing those large athletes, or patients who are too big, the claustrophobic patients, the children who need general anesthetic, access to a magnet that is just not available anywhere else in Canada right now," notes Dr. Kaura.

Children in particular will benefit from this new M.R.I.


Media Advisory: Alberta patients to gain from Canada's first state-of-the-art OPEN MRI

Staff from Open MRI of Canada will brief members of the media about its new, state-of-the-art Open MRI. Points of discussion include: patient comfort issues, wait times, accessibility, research opportunities, and the need for public funding. Patients who've benefited from the service will be available for interview along with community doctors who've referred the service.

Journalists are invited to experience for themselves what it's like to undergo an exam in Canada's first state-of-the-art open sided magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. Older MRIs feature a cramped tunnel. This revolutionary magnet is perfect for all patients, especially young children, claustrophobic patients and overweight individuals - many of whom can't get an MRI even if they need one. Open MRI of Canada is also making its magnet available to Alberta's research community - who can benefit greatly from this system's advanced images.


First Open MRI in Canada

Open MRI of Canada, a private clinic in Calgary, recently introduced the very first open MR (magnetic resonance) imager in the country. The company is marketing the new device as a viable alternative for certain patient populations, such as obese individuals who cannot fit in the confined spaces of the traditional MRI. This would also be helpful for patients with claustrophobia and for anxious children who can now be accompanied by their parents.


Radiologist leads clinics digital electronic charge

Doctors who interpret X-rays and other digital images are paid the same whether they use creaky old-fashioned film units or the latest and greatest technologies.

So why would MYK Diagnostic Imaging spend $1.5 million to outfit pediatric radiologists in its four Calgary clinics with state-of-the-art digital-imaging gear and voice-recognition technologies? Are these just young men obsessed with high-tech toys, or are they harbingers of the future of medical imaging?


New and improved Open MRIs make headway in the clinic market

Whether it runs under the Rockies, or chunnels its way to Paris, or performs magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on our body parts, there's something unnerving about entering a tunnel. If it weren't so darn quick or so important to our health, many of us would rather get there by some other route. Especially trying is the experience of slowly passing through the 60-centimetre-narrow, thumpingly noisy tunnel of a traditional MRI scanner.

But soon, patients won't have to suffer that claustrophobia at the MYK Diagnostic Imaging clinic in Calgary. That's where Dr. Deepak Kaura, a young but well-schooled paediatric radiologist, and his two partners are setting out to prove that today's "open MR" systems are as good if not better than the regular closed-bore kind.