Current Research

We are currently seeking volunteer children aged 3-19 to develop a pediatric atlas for doctors to refer to when treating children. The atlas will be beneficial for diagnosis of children's health all across the globe. We greatly appreciate all those who volunteer for this great project. For more information see below.


What are our values?
Our goal is to provide exceptional patient care by offering comfort and quality reports through our skilled radiologists and staff.

What is our vision?
We desire to pioneer open MRI technology in Canada. We have dared to dream big and provide a service to Canadians that has to date not been offered.

Are we wanting to do things differently?
Absolutely! We believe that this open MRI machine can revolutionize the way kids are imaged. Not only is this machine quiet it comes with the advantage of having the parent lie down beside the child while being scanned!

What is our research plan?
Dr. Deepak Kaura has the vision to create a paediatric MRI atlas of normal developmental anatomy. This means the medical community around the world will finally have a textbook for physicians to refer to while reporting paediatric MRI exams.

How can you help out?
In order to create this textbook we need children to volunteer for MRI exams. As parents you need to know that MRI does not use radiation and patients feel nothing during the exam. The child would need to lie still for approximately 30 minutes while the images are being produced. You are welcome to be in the room during your childs scan. The process is completely painless and our bed is very comfortable.

What ages do we desire to scan?
Our plan is to scan patients from 3 years of age to 19 years of age.

Will my child’s images be reported?
No. A Radiologist will not report anything about your child’s exam.

Please contact Trent at 273-9002 extension 115.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your consideration in this project.