"The Open MRI is a much more enjoyable experience. If you have to have an MRI this is the way to go. For kids, claustrophobics, it is great. There is no fear at all, it is very easy."

Hayley Wickenheiser Gold Medalist
— Womenís Ice Hockey, Torino, 2006

"The new generation of open MRIís produces as good, or better, quality images than most MRIís currently in use in Canada, and in a comparable time. Today's open MRI is the equivalent of the closed MRI purchased five years ago."

Normand Laberge
— Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Association of Radiologists

"Getting an open MRI is excellent and easy. Going into the closed MRI made me nervous, I was sure I would not fit and scared I would get stuck. I tried to make myself smaller. The open MRI is noiseless when compared to the traditional MRI which sounds like a jackhammer, plus the open MRI is wide open. I fell asleep in there, it was fun."

Jenny Halls
— Patient Open MRI of Canada

"I can actually be with her in the room holding her hand, so she doesn't need to be put under, so she doesn't have to undergo that riskĒ

Aundrea Sebjanic
— Mother of young Open MRI patient

"The entire experience was so fantastic!!! We were able to successfully complete all of the diagnostic testing that was required. Caleb slept through the entire MRI and I was actually able to lie beside him throughout the testing (right on the MRI table!!!). The whole test was completed in 45 minutes (during his nap time). The experience was terrific all around and we were able to save my son from being exposed to an unnecessary general anesthetic. I truly feel that the open MRI is a wonderful alternative to the traditional means of obtaining an MRI exam. Had there not been a story about the new MRI technology and MYK imaging in the newspaper, I would never have known that I was able, as a private consumer, to get an MRI done so promptly and so efficiently. My hope is that other consumers will have the access to your wonderful facility and technology. Thank you again for such a great experience all around."

Mandy Haber
— Mother of 4-month-old Open MRI patient