What's New

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System)
Our filmless and paperless reporting system is up and running. Doctors can gain access to films and reports over the Internet immediately by contacting Winston at 273.9002.

Open MRI
January 16, 2006- successful launch of Canada’s First Open MRI
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KIDS Research
The goal of our KIDS research project is to produce the first MRI imaging textbook to document bone development in children. Scanning of volunteers is to commence shortly.
For more information please contact Trent at (403). 472.OPEN.

Patient Success Stories

January 2006 — successful shoulder exam completed on 325lb man unable to fit in a conventional tunnel MRI
Due to his limited range of motion the patient was not able to comfortably fit in a tunnel MRI, let alone comb his hair. The patient was scanned successfully and an accurate diagnosis was made allowing his life to return to normal.

February 2006 — four-month-old baby boy successfully receives MRI of the brain.
Caleb received the MRI during his naptime without sedation. Since the Open MRI is almost noiseless, Caleb was able to remain asleep on the MRI table as his mother lay beside him.

March 16, 2006 — successfully scanned patient with severed spinal cord and metallic hardware in his back.
In a traditional MRI this test would not be possible due to the metallic hardware. The artifacts present in the images would render this test incredibly difficult to diagnose. The Open MRI proved to be a success as a precise diagnosis was achieved with minimal artifacts.

Claustrophobic Patients
For all the claustrophobic patients scanned to date, not a single one has opted out, or gone untreated. Since the table is wide and opening is large, all patients have been able to lie back relax and enjoy their choice of music. The environment is welcoming and calming, so patients are at ease.

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