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Flooding caused by poorly draining landscape can cause water damage to your home. Proper use of a landscaping drainage system will reduce water flooding in your driveway, patio, or yard. The two most widely used components of the Discharge phase are the pop-up emitter and the Flo-Well. Proper use will both make for a more efficient drainage system as well as help protect the environment.

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Drainage systems


Surface drainage systems

The regular surface drainage systems, which start functioning as soon as there is an excess of rainfall or irrigation applied, operate entirely by gravity. They consist of reshaped or reformed land surfaces and can be divided into:

  • Bedded systems, used in flat lands for crops other than rice;
  • Graded systems, used in sloping land for crops other than rice.

The bedded and graded systems may have ridges and furrows.

The checked surface drainage systems consist of check gates placed in the embankments surrounding flat basins, such as those used for rice fields in flat lands. These fields are usually submerged and only need to be drained on certain occasions (e.g., at harvest time). Checked surface drainage systems are also found in terraced lands used for rice.

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