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Elements of landscape design

Today, the variety of elements makes it possible to create truly heavenly landscapes. In each case it can be its own thematic elements, but the main groups that make up the “base” for the design are as follows:

  • Lawn cover – formed from different types of grass;
  • Green areas – trees, shrubs, flowers, as well as whole ensembles in the form of flowerbeds, slaves, mountaineers, rockeries, etc;
  • Various water elements – brook, pond, fountain, swimming pool, mini waterfall;
  • Access roads and platforms;
  • Small architectural forms – arbours, benches, arches, pergolas;
  • Small decorative elements – musical pendants, lamps, animal figurines and fairytale characters, various sculptures;
  • Various technical components such as lighting, watering systems and the like.

Styles and trends in landscape design

You’ve probably heard the names of gardens such as the Garden of Stones, for example (it’s a kind of Japanese garden), or the Feng Shui garden, the Classic Garden, etc. The Japanese style is imbued with the philosophy of Zen Buddhism and its theory is full of various symbols. The Chinese style was influenced by the philosophy of feng shui, Taoism. And the classical style, or as it’s called regular style, is the contribution of France.

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