Critical Haze Strain

Critical Haze strain is a great strain for indoor gardeners looking to grow a stress relief and pain management strain that also delivers a happy, uplifting and relaxed effect. This hybrid strain is typically indica dominant although some phenotypes tend towards the sativa side and take up to 14 days longer to flower. The Haze family line is one of the most THC-potent strains that cannabis […]


At the press conference, Mr Segun Somefun CEO betPawa Nigeria, spoke about the company’s origins and value proposition which include only 1 Naira minimum bet, 50% win bonus for at least 10 legs and 100% win bonus for 20 or more legs, competitive jackpot with low stake, low data consumption, allowing consumers place bets with […]

Select Cbd

Here Is The Deal: What is the one ingredient we haven’t seen in any other merchandise? We’ll get to this in a minute. Select CBD is located in Portland, Oregon. Among the capitals of the cannabis industry. In today’s review, we’ll tell you Select CBD’s Portland location makes their products unique. Appearance: Select CBD […]

Legion of Bloom

Auto Blackberry Kush has become a popular variety with many repeat growers.  The genetics come from Dutch Passion Blueberry crossed with an indica Kush hash plant. Three AutoBlackberry Kush plants were grown by ‘Ted’ using  LED grow lights and soil. Nutrients included pH Perfect Grow, Micro and Bloom. Additionally Bud Candy and Overdrive were also used to […]

Kanha Hybrid

The recipe for Hashish Fudge that Alice B. Toklas inadvertently included in her 1954 cookbook is generally credited for bringing the idea of consuming cannabis to the modern Western world. Since then, the pot brownie of yesteryear has blossomed into an exploding industry of edibles that come in every shape, size and form. There […]

Ice Cream Cake

Smoke & Effects This hybrid was so smooth to toke and  gave off a really nice cloud of smoke. Once the cloud subsided, the high set in. The wonderful, relaxing, euphoric high that I have been searching for was finally discovered, and I was content to relax alone in my living room. Ice Cream […]

Brite Labs Pre-Roll 1g – Sunset Sherbet

We are helping battle the opioid and designer drug epidemic with lifestyle products that offer similar results without the harsh side effects. James Henry partners with accomplished medical doctors and scientists who understand the medical value of endocannabinoid therapy to create proprietary formulations for therapeutic use. Our goal is to change the negative stigma associated […]