How to buy legal cannabis?

How to buy legal cannabis?

Where can I get some of that legal weed?

On Oct. 17, there will be just one B.C. Cannabis Store in the entire province. The government shop will be located in Kamloops at the Columbia Place Shopping Centre.

  • Plenty of interest but no chaos as B.C.’s legal cannabis sales get underway

What about all those private dispensaries in cities like Vancouver?

There’s no indication these will be shut down right away. The province’s new Community Safety Unit has pledged a crackdown, but only after more legal outlets are available.

The B.C. government says it’s received more than 100 applications for retail shops across the province. It’s possible some of those could be approved in time for Oct. 17.

One year into legal weed in Canada and you still can’t legally get it in Whistler. What gives? Everyone in Whistler is asking, “Where can I buy weed in Whistler?” 

Yes, recreational use of cannabis is legal all across Canada, but in Whistler, the supply is well…. Dry. 

There are no legal sources dispensaries in town. Both locals and visitors alike are wondering why they don’t have the same access as everywhere else in the country. A Whistler bud shop doesn’t exist.

You’re reading this because you are just as confused. Firstly, you know it’s legal in Canada to buy and use recreational bud. Second, you know British Columbia is the place to get the good stuff. Third, you might be asking yourself, “Isn’t Whistler supposed to be a party ski-town?” All of these assumptions are true. But when it comes to weed, this town is officially dry.

The local lawmakers in our small mountain town are playing it easy for the time being. Before opening the floodgates to anyone wanting to sling pot from their back porch, the municipality wants to be slow and selective with their approach. 

Other cities, including Vancouver and Squamish to the south, have opted for a more liberal approach to dispensaries. Even before legalization. 

From what we know thus far, Whistler is taking a “watch and see” approach. They want to be careful with where and when they allow this recreational substance into their small mountain town.

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