Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance

Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance at the correct time of year for each type of plant are paramount to plant health and bloom performance. By hiring a professional, you have plants pruned at the optimum time for their species. (Hydrangea are a perfect example of a plant that should be maintained by professionals or avid gardeners.) Pruning is done to maintain shape or size, remove spent blooms, remove dead/diseased limbs, and to promote growth. Hedging is typically shaping plants into geometric forms. Both are important to the landscape.

Santa Barbara Landscape Maintenance

Yards are getting smaller these days because of the increase of the average suburban house size in combination with the reduction of lot size, but yard maintenance will always be needed, whether it’s just to cut grass and occasionally give some arbor care, or to tend plants as shrubbery as well. As we get older and busier, there are more and more tasks we’d love to do but just don’t have the strength or time required for them. We’ve listed out these jobs with individual prices, but it might end up actually costing less if you hire one service to take care of an agreed-upon list while you take care of the rest.

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