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Key players sportingbet brasil reveja

The development of Forex at a rapid pace contributes to the emergence of new participants in trading.

They can be divided into several groups by their importance:

The first and, perhaps, the most important are central and commercial banks. They account for the lion’s share of all currency transactions in the interbank market. Other bidders in these banks hold their accounts through which they carry out financial operations. As regulators of Forex, the central banks manage gold and foreign exchange reserves and carry out foreign exchange interventions. Thus, the central bank and the treasury influence demand by increasing or decreasing the supply of national and foreign monetary units.

sportingbet brasil reveja

Quite significant representatives of the first group are FED (Federal Reserve System of the United States), European Bank, as well as the Central Bank of Germany, UK, Japan. It is the stabilization of national currency rates and replenishment of their reserves, rather than making profit, that is the main task of the first group. By injecting significant funds, the Central Bank has a very significant impact on the market situation and a tangible change in exchange rates.

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