Betfair South Africa review

Founded in May 1999, Betfair South Africa review has now grown to be the leading online betting exchange site. Exchanges such as Betfair have revolutionised betting, allowing customers a range of options that are not available with standard bookmakers. Betfair offers its customers a platform to both back selections, as you would with a traditional bookmaker, but also to act as a bookmaker and lay selections. Betfair does not control the prices on markets, the customers do. With this, the prices on events on Betfair are normally better than the prices offered by traditional bookmakers. If you are not happy with a price on a specific event, Betfair also allows the option to ask for a bigger price in the hope that another customer will lay the bet. To facilitate this process of allowing backing and laying between customers, Betfair charges a standard commission rate of 5% on all winning bets.

Betfair South Africa review

Betfair review shows that it is in the list of largest global online sports betting suppliers. Over the years, it has continued to offer its clients the most fantastic experience in the gambling world. This gaming icon continues to provide numerous products from online sports betting to gaming products like the casino to some of the unique features such as the ‘Cash Out’ and many more offers within the website.

Most of the Betfair reviews reveal the enticing yet realistic bonuses and promotions that are offered here both to new and existing clients. This has encouraged players to keep coming back to Betfair hence the consistency in substantial customer numbers. The official Betfair website is where every individual who has gambling in mind should visit!

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