Brite Labs Pre-Roll 1g – Sunset Sherbet

We are helping battle the opioid and designer drug epidemic with lifestyle products that offer similar results without the harsh side effects. James Henry partners with accomplished medical doctors and scientists who understand the medical value of endocannabinoid therapy to create proprietary formulations for therapeutic use. Our goal is to change the negative stigma associated with cannabis through science, art and medical doctors.

There are many conversations surrounding cannabis consumption from alternative medical treatments to curious first time users at home. No matter the reason for choosing cannabis, James Henry SF creates products with an easy-to-identify experience that helps consumers select the right products for the right occasions throughout the day. We truly believe that relevant education from medical science combined with quality innovation from within our brand delivers a modern approach for establishing responsible consumption conversations for a responsible cannabis lifestyle.

Brite Labs Pre-Roll 1g – Sunset Sherbet

We think it’s important to progress beyond the negative stigma and misinformation created by hate, corruption, and political agenda as we realize FDA approval of drugs containing ingredients derived from cannabis in 2018. As a result, we created Brite Labs Pre-Roll 1g – Sunset Sherbet as a responsible cannabis lifestyle committed to producing products that elevate consumers in mind, body, and community spirit by infusing authentic artwork, culture, and scientific research into our business.

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