Vibes Hemp King Size

Always be prepared for your next session with the Vibes Cones Box – King Size. King size cones can hold around 1 gram of material. Each box contains 30 coffins of King Size Vibes Cones with 3 cones in each box, giving you 90 King Size Vibes Cones. The King Size Vibes Cone Box is available in Hemp, Rice, or Ultra Thin.

The King Size Vibes Hemp Cones offer a classic cone experience. The natural hemp paper of the King Size Vibes Cones is thin enough for your material’s flavor to flourish and will burn slowly and evenly to ensure a comprehensive session.

Vibes Hemp King Size

The best rolling paper can make your dry herb session all that much more enjoyable, but how do you find out which paper is right for you? Although they might seem simple, there is a ton of nuance when it comes to rolling papers. Want a totally natural rolling paper? Done. Something to catch the eye of everyone at the party? Sure, why not. From slim to wide, rolling papers have a ton of variations that can affect your session. 

We’re going to spotlight a few of what we think the best rolling papers are and what separates them from one another, keep an eye on this list because we have a few more brands to stock that just might become your go-to rolling paper and be sure to check out our full selection of rolling papers before your next session. 

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