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They say the lawn grass in the garden does not require much care. After all, no one mows the grass on forest lawns or waters the flowers – and they grow beautifully. The grass mixture for your artificial home lawn is made up of cultures that require attention. Therefore, proper lawn care is a must!

How often do you water your lawn?

It is best to care and water the lawn in the evening or early in the morning. During the day, especially if the sun is shining, the water evaporates more quickly and the plants don’t have time to absorb moisture. During the night, moisture penetrates deep into the soil and saturates the roots of the plants.

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How much do you want to water?
Depends on the soil, the time of the previous watering, the weather. It’s difficult to get an exact irrigation rate. Irrigate the lawn abundantly, but not until the puddles appear. To see if there is enough moisture for the grass, check the soil at a depth of 100 mm. If it is dry, increase the watering intensity.
How do I water the lawn correctly?
It also depends on the soil and the weather. In hot weather, water the meadow on sandy ground twice a week and in cool weather once every 10 days. Alumina or loam meadows are not water-friendly. Irrigate the grass if necessary, the ground should be able to dry out in time.

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