Landscape Design Santa Barbara

In order to make the beautification passed without problems and surprises, landscape designers conducting a “pre-project” analysis of the site. It is this analysis that forms the basis of the landscape project in the future. So, what does the designer pay attention to when first visiting the site?

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Where is your plot, what do you see around it? What kind of views are you surrounded by? Could it be a dense forest or a river on the horizon that you do not want to be obstructed by buildings? Or maybe it’s a deaf neighbour’s fence that needs to be disguised?

How is the area oriented on the sides of the world? Notice how the sun moves around the area. Where are the sunniest places and where are the shady ones? Usually the most shaded side is the north. Pay attention to the buildings of your neighbours (and future ones as well!) – shadows fall from them too.

A corner with good illumination is suitable for a garden, and in a dark place is a good place to place a small pond.

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