Physiotherapy services. Electrical simulation method

Electrostimulation A method of electrotherapy using various pulsed currents to change the functional state of muscles and nerves. Electrostimulation supports muscle contractility, increases blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues, creates a flow of nerve impulses to the central nervous system, which in turn has a positive effect on the restoration of motor functions, prevents the development of atrophy and contractures. The most widely used electrostimulation in the treatment of diseases of the nerves and muscles. These diseases include various paresis and paralyses of the skeletal muscles, such as sluggish, caused by disorders of the peripheral nervous system and spinal cord (neuritis, the effects of polio and spinal cord injuries with spinal cord injury), and spastic post-stroke, as well as hysterogenic.

Physiotherapy services

Electrostimulation is shown in aphonia based on laryngeal paralysis, paretic state of respiratory muscles and diaphragm. It is also used in case of muscle atrophy, both primary muscle atrophy resulting from peripheral nerve and spinal cord injuries, and secondary muscle atrophy resulting from prolonged limb immobilization due to fractures and bone surgery. Electrostimulation is also shown in atonic states of smooth muscles of internal organs (stomach, intestines, bladder, etc.). It is used in atonic bleeding, to prevent postoperative phlebotrombosis, to prevent complications in prolonged hypodynamy, to improve training of athletes. Contraindications in electrical stimulation are different. It is impossible, for example, to make electrostimulation of muscles of internal organs at biliary and kidney stone disease, acute purulent processes in abdominal organs, at a spastic condition of muscles. Electrostimulation of mimic muscles is contraindicated in case of early signs of contracture and increased excitability of these muscles. Electrostimulation of limb muscles is contraindicated in case of joint ankyloses, dislocations until their reposition, fractures of bones until their consolidation.

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