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Physiotherapy is a natural healing; accordingly, a physician-physiotherapist is a natural therapist. At present, it is hardly expedient to change the term “physiotherapy”, which has become entrenched in the minds of medical workers and patients and is included in regulatory documents and training programs, to “nature therapy”. But it is necessary to understand the essence and remember that physiotherapy is nature therapy, and physiotherapist is nature therapist.

Most authors define the term “physiotherapy” as follows: “it is the science of applying natural and transformed physical factors for treatment and prevention of diseases”. In this definition it is difficult to perceive the word “reformed”. Therefore, it is understandable that the authors want to clarify it and give a different definition of the term “physiotherapy”.

Physiotherapy treatment

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Physiotherapy is the science of applying natural and artificially created factors of nature for the treatment and prevention of diseases and is a licensed medical activity. Most, and maybe all, artificially created physical factors have their analogues in nature. It is natural to suppose that primitive people long before the invention of the method of obtaining fire used natural fire from fires caused by lightning discharges. They were even aware of the electricity that some marine fish reproduced. Their spark discharges were used to treat diseases. Magnetic ore is the equivalent of modern magnetotherapy. Therefore, we can call artificial physical factors of nature and consider them within one training module of the specialty “physiotherapy”.

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