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This week there will be not so many football matches in the world and not one really top. So the betting fans have to switch their attention to the tournament, which they have never been interested in before. One of these tournaments is the championship of Tanzania. Few can name at least one club from this country and the team mbet jackpot.

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The championship of Tanzania is held on the system of autumn-spring. There are two flagships that have won almost all of the tournaments – against Young Afrikans and Simba for two 42 championships since 1965 (22 and 20 respectively). The reigning champion of Tanzania is Simba. Last season, she scored 93 points in 38 games and was seven points ahead of her main competitor. She defended the title she won in 2018. Before that, three times in a row, the champions were just Africans. And since 2000, only one club managed to break their hegemony – in the season 2013/14 first place went to Azam. This season Simba has no real competitor – after 28 rounds the team has 71 points and is 17 points ahead of the closest pursuer – Azam. Another three points ahead of Yang Afrikans. There are only 20 teams in the championship. The names of some of them are not quite common to say the least.

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