Pocket option é confiavel

Suppose your deposit is $100. The pocket option é confiavel dealer is ready to give you the leverage of 1:10. That means you can open a deal for $1000. The forex program will reflect the “buying” of currency for $1000. If you want to open a deal for $5000, you need to take the leverage of 1:50.

pocket option é confiavel

You can use only part of your deposit, not the whole deposit, for a deal. For example, take only $20 out of a $100 deposit and choose the 1:50 leverage. In this case you can also make a deal for $1000. And you can use the remaining $80 in your account for another transaction.

If you guess the rate change, you can increase your profit in this proportion. If you do not guess – you will suffer losses in the same ratio.

For example, you open a deal to “buy” the euro for $1000 with a leverage of 1:10. If the euro rises by $0.2, you will earn not $20, but $200. But if you don’t guess and the euro falls by $0.1 against the dollar, you will lose $100 – the whole amount of your deposit.

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