Physiotherapy toronto

In physiotherapy, electrotherapy, light therapy, hydrotherapy, thermal treatment, treatment with mechanical effects. The largest number of methods combines electrotherapy (methods using electric field, constant, alternating, continuous and intermittent electric currents, alternating magnetic field, electromagnetic fields). Light therapy includes methods using the energy of light, including ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Methods of water therapy are based on the use of fresh water (in the form of showers, baths and other water procedures), as well as natural and artificially prepared mineral waters. Thermal treatment includes methods based on the use of heat transmitted to the body by heated paraffin, ozokerite, therapeutic mud, sand, steam, dry air, etc. Thermal treatment is based on the use of natural and artificial mineral water. Mechanical treatment includes ultrasonic therapy, vibration therapy, massage, chiropractic therapy.

physiotherapy toronto

The Department of physiotherapy toronto is equipped with a set of physiotherapeutic equipment sufficient to solve various tasks on complex treatment of patients.
12-chamber gradient system “LYMPHA-MAT” (Germany) is widely used for treatment of diseases of venous and lymphatic vessels of upper and lower limbs. Natural therapy accompanied by very pleasant sensations is very popular with patients and has no side effects. It improves slag removal and metabolism, stimulates gas exchange and is an excellent means of preventing thrombosis.

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