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So, you’ve got a new country house, and around it… an empty space. Stunted islets of some greenery, snags and dreary gray ground. And you scratch your head thoughtfully: where do you start to improve the site? By working out a plan, of course! You’ve already decided on your ideas, haven’t you?

Landscape Design Plan

If you don’t know your computer well enough to work with 3D images, you can schematically draw a landscape plan on 1:100 scale millimeter paper. Use your existing dacha plot plan as a basis. Move it to the millimeter and start zoning. For a flat plan of your area, see our video. Santa Barbara landscapers will help you with your plannings.

Site Zoning

Imagine where you will have farm buildings such as a sauna, summer shower, gazebo and other buildings; where you plan to allocate a place for a lawn and where you intend to plant a garden, flower beds, beds and so on. Schedule routes for moving around the site. First identify the main ones: from gate to house, then – from house to household buildings, garage and recreational areas – gazebos, pond, lawns and others.

For tips on planning your garden and garden you can find the Perfect Garden Plan publication: 10 simple rules that will make your work easier. When zoning, try to avoid straight lines, let your paths and sidewalks be curved so that the area looks more aesthetically pleasing. Immediately determine the size and configuration of those objects in the cottage, which you do not plan to change in the coming years: garage, gazebo, swimming pool, sauna and so on. From them and “dance”.

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