Solis landscaping Santa Barbara


We do not only landscape design, but also all landscaping, landscaping and landscaping – this is how turnkey landscaping is done – from design to implementation:


To create a quality landscape project it is necessary to thoroughly survey the site, find out and discuss the wishes of customers, prepare several options for sketches. After a choice of a final sketch go to the drawing of estimates and master plan, arboretum, partitioning drawing and other documents.


Our specialists in solis landscaping use a professional landscape design program, which has wide possibilities of planning and three-dimensional visualization, as well as the possibility of a realistic “virtual walk” in a new garden at different times of day.
The program allows to use in the project not only all kinds of objects connected with the ground (slopes, retaining walls, flower beds, elevations, terraces, paths and platforms), but also various water objects (ponds, streams, waterfalls, fountains), and also to plan pools, irrigation systems, add small architectural forms (arbours, recreation areas, etc.), plants, lighting systems and garden furniture.

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